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» Houses & Transfer Service, Keys, Transportation, Internet, etc.

Thailandhuset's House & Transfer Service picks you up and drops you off wherever you want in Thailand. If you have rented a property from Thailandhuset, you will be picked up at the airport (Suvarnabhumi Airport) at exit number 3 to be driven all the way to the property you rented and back to the airport again for your return journey without any hassle. The driver knows where to pick up and drop you off. Thailandhuset recommends that you book both the transfer and the return transfer at the same time as they are then tied to the same booking number. If you have rented a property from Thailandhuset, you will receive the keys upon arrival at the house from the driver or our house service who meets you. Prices to the most common destinations are available on the website, but of course, you can go wherever you want with our transfer service. Payment is made directly to the driver. If you want to book an excursion, scooter, bicycle, child seat, extra bed, or anything else, use: The Booking Form

It is a great advantage to book in advance to ensure that you get what you need from the first day. Delivery is made directly to the house by our House/Transfer Service. Payment in Thailand upon delivery.

» ATMs

There are 3 ATMs available for cash withdrawals in Mae Phim. One is located in the Avatara house just outside the Seabreeze area, the second is outside the shop in Mae Phim village, and the third is by Seven Eleven if you follow the road a bit towards Klaeng. Swedish VISA cards work perfectly. Keep in mind that each withdrawal costs 150 Baht (about 30 kronor).

» Phone Cards
If you want to use your mobile phone in Thailand, the best option is to buy a 'One to Call' prepaid card. This way, you can inform your loved ones of your temporary number in Thailand in case they need to reach you, and you won’t have to worry about expensive mobile bills. 'One to Call' cards can be purchased almost anywhere, and the nearest place in Mae Phim is the shop next to Siam Hotel on the beach road. Otherwise, they are most easily purchased at all Seven Eleven stores.

To call Sweden, dial + followed by the country code (46 for Sweden), and then the telephone number without the zero in the area code. Thailand's country code is 66 in case someone needs to call you.

» Water

Never drink tap water in Thailand. Bottled water is available everywhere and is inexpensive. Buy the larger jugs for the best price. Responsible restaurants have clean ice in drinks and sodas, but be cautious with street vendors. To be completely safe, insist on beer, water, and soda without ice.

» Tipping

Remember not to give more tips in restaurants or to drivers than you would at home, in terms of percentage. Too much tipping is considered offensive. A suitable tip in restaurants or similar is a maximum of 5%. When it comes to taxis, even if you think it's cheap, you have already been charged a 'farang price' due to your appearance (skin color), and you really don't need to give any tip, and the same applies to markets, speedboats, etc. Here, the key is to negotiate instead. Agree on a price beforehand!
Thailandhuset's trips and excursions are correctly priced from the start and do not need to be negotiated.

» Massage

Wonderful Thai massage, oil massage, manicure, or pedicure is available at several places, both on the beach and along the beach road. Pawini is one of the good ones, and they offer massage along the beach street or they can come to your house.

Pawini can be reached by phone at +66 (0)85 7726147

» Restaurants in Mae Phim

There are about 60 restaurants in Mae Phim, and most of them are located along the beach road. Here, you can find all kinds of food you can imagine. Just outside the Seabreeze area, there's Buffalo Bill Steak House and 2 small Thai restaurants.

If you get tired of eating out every night but don't feel like cooking, several of the restaurants offer home delivery at no extra cost. Most restaurants also offer to pick you up/drop you off at your house at no extra cost, as long as you dine at their restaurant.

Phone numbers for some of the good restaurants that offer pick-up service::

Buffalo Bill Steak House +66 (0)38 639100
Villa Bali +66 (0)38 638080 or +66 (0)81 9408634
Tequila Sunrise +66 (0)81 7740340 or +66 (0)85 3996350
Sunshine Bar +66 (0)3 638165

» Shopping, Stores & Markets

In Mae Phim, there are several smaller stores and mini-markets where you can find the essentials. The most well-stocked one is located just outside the Seabreeze area along the beach road. However, there is also a good store in Mae Phim village near the Siam Hotel on the beach road. There's also a slightly larger store in Sunthon Phu, about 5 km from Mae Phim on the way to Klaeng.

On the beach promenade, there is the opportunity to buy fresh fish, seafood, and fruit every day. Most people in Thailand, however, choose to eat at restaurants, as it is very cheap and delicious. In Mae Phim, there are about 30 restaurants serving everything from breakfast to the finest feast for a very low cost.

If you still want to visit a proper store, the nearest larger town is Klaeng, 15 km from Mae Phim, where you can find small shops and Tesco Lotus (similar to ICA). There is also a market on the way to Klaeng open on Tuesdays & Sundays where you can find fruit, clothes, etc. On Tuesday evenings, there is also a huge market and happening in Klaeng about 2 km from the center along the road towards Ban Bueng/Chonburi. A visit to this market is recommended.

Next after Klaeng is Ban Phe (20 km), which is a bit more exciting town to stroll around. In addition to shops, Ban Phe has a permanent fresh produce market. Tesco Lotus (similar to ICA) is located directly on the right side as you enter Ban Phe.

A bit further into Ban Phe on the right side (next to Seven Eleven) is a store run by a lady named Petra. The store is also called "Petras". Petras is known among Scandinavians for its fresh bread, cheese, wine, and Swedish sweets.

Then there is Rayong (40 km) and Pattaya (100 km). Pattaya has the best shopping and nightlife in the country next to Bangkok, although the nightlife there can be a bit much even for the most hardened. However, a visit is recommended. Good shopping in Pattaya includes MIKES, a large department store with really good prices. DON'T forget to bargain.

For information on prices and booking your own driver, click here: Booking Form

» Buses, Taxis, Renting a Scooter or Car
There are many ways to get around in Thailand, although the most common for us tourists is to take a Taxi, Motorcycle, or Tuk-Tuk. We find this to be cheap, and often you can hire a driver and car for the whole day to do everything you want without having to adhere to specific times. The driver and car will wait for you and pick you up and drop you off at the door of your house.

You can also book your own motorcycle or car if you prefer to drive yourself. Just remember that it is left-hand traffic in Thailand and that Thais do not have the same respect for traffic rules as we do in Sweden! A Thai person might very well choose to drive on the wrong side of the road for a while if it benefits their overall journey.

For prices and booking your own driver and transport, click here: Booking Form

» The Paradise Island of Koh Samet

If you want to get to Koh Samet, the cheapest way is to take a taxi to Ban Phe and then one of the local boats from the pier. The boat trip costs about 50 baht and takes about 1 hour, a fairly peaceful journey! Additionally, there is a national park fee of about 50 baht. In Ban Phe, Thais will most likely do everything they can to get you to take a Speed Boat to Koh Samet, but if you've decided on the ferry, just politely decline.

Book a taxi via the Booking Form

» Animal Experiences

In the Chanthaburi province, not too far from Mae Phim, is Oasis Sea World where you can swim with dolphins. The nearest island from Mae Phim port is called Koh Mannai, which is a turtle island, and a speedboat can take you there in about 15 minutes. Sriracha TigerZoo is an experience for both children and adults. Move over, Kolmården.

For prices and booking of excursions, click here Excursion Prices

» Hospitals, Dentists & Pharmacies

The nearest clinic is located on the road towards Sunthon Phu and Klaeng, quite close to Seven Eleven, about 2 km from Mae Phim, run by an old navy doctor. However, the nearest real hospital is in Klaeng (15 km), where there should be English-speaking staff. The hospital in Klaeng offers fast service for 'farangs', but unfortunately, it's quite run-down and not a place you would want to undergo surgery. There are also several hospitals in Rayong (40 km), including Bangkok Hospital, which is of very high quality (better than in Sweden). It's an international hospital chain and one of the best in the country. The nearest dentist is in Klaeng, but Rayong is recommended. The nearest pharmacy is near the clinic on the way to Sunthon Phu, but there are also pharmacies in Klaeng and Rayong. In emergencies, call 191.

For transport to the hospital, pharmacy, or dentist if it's not urgent, use the Booking Form

» Phone Numbers/Contact Information

Transfer Service Booking Form
Emergency Number (SOS) 191
Klaeng Hospital +66 (0)38 639101
Rayong Hospital +66 (0)38 617453-60
Thonburi Sriklang Hospital +66 (0)38 672448
Ambulance Bangkok Rayong Hospital +66 (0)38 921999
Bangkok Rayong Hospital +66 (0)38 612999 eller (0)38 921921
Police station (Baan Kram) +66 (0)38 638111
Police station (Klaeng) +66 (0)38 671111
Police station (Rayong city) +66 (0)38 611111
Tourist Police +66 (0)38 638199, 1155
Fire station +66 (0)38 638199
Immigration (Maptapud) +66 (0)38 684544
Highway Patrol +66 (0)38 611203, 1193
Swedish Embassy in Bangkok +66 (0)2 263 72 00

» Några Thailändska fraser

Good morning/Good evening sawaddi klap (said by a man)
Good morning/Good evening sawaddi ka (said by a woman)
Goodbye la gawn
Thank you kob khun
Yes/No chai/mai chai
Excuse me kho tot
It's nothing/You're welcome mai pen rai
How much? Raka tao rai
Is there anyone here who speaks English? ti ni mi kai pud pa sa angkid yipun dai mai
Could you write it down? Karuna khien
Waiter/Waitress khun klap
I don't understand mai kao chai
What time is it? khi mong
Where is the bathroom? hong nam yu ti nai
Can you help me? Chuey duey
Where/When/How? ti nai/mua rai/yang rai
How long/How far? Nan tao rai/klai khae nai
Open/Closed poed/pid
Can you speak slower poot char long day mai
How much is it to .....? (b)pai?..kit tow rai
Stop here jop tinni
Turn right/turn left lieo khwa/lieo sai
A bottle of water nam yen nung khuad
I need a doctor Pom/chan tong karn maw
I need a dentist Pom/chan tong kan maw fang